IT Security Awereness Training. Minimize cyber attacks.


Gleistein Ropes is aware of the increasing threat situation, e.g. from cryptotrojans, and would like to protect itself from cyber attacks implied by the human RISK factor through targeted IT Security Awareness Training. BITS (Business IT Solutions GmbH) from Bremen has been supporting and advising the company for many years and has established contact with BSB.

Even though the Bremen rope manufacturer is technically well equipped with IT security, there is no 100 percent protection against attacks by cyber criminals. The aim of the awareness campaign is to make attention and safe behaviour at the workplace an integral part of an IT security culture.

In April 2017, the starting signal was given for the IT Security Awareness Training at Gleistein Ropes. In order to measure the current understanding of the employees for information security relevant scenarios, audit measures were carried out in advance according to the individual specifications of the management. The result of the controlling measure – a staged phishing mail – showed that over 20% fell for a fraud (personal data was not evaluated or stored). In an emergency, even a single click could have damaged the entire IT infrastructure.

The next step of the campaign is online training in the TRUST ACADEMY. On this platform, every employee has the opportunity to expand his or her knowledge of IT security.



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A total of 48 participants completed around 196 training sessions and played 72 tests. The IT Security Awareness Training enabled employees to expand their technical knowledge of IT security.

Conclusion: “The IT Security Awareness Training has made a significant contribution to applying our employees’ knowledge of cyber security in their daily work, identifying and reporting any anomalies. On top of that, it was of course fun”. (Thomas Schlätzer, Managing Director)