Closer to the customer.

A web shop expands the offline business and offers versatile possibilities of use. They can be used as an additional sales channel for the existing product portfolio or open up a new market branch with completely different products. Used correctly, they serve as a simple communication tool for more customer satisfaction. We plan and implement web shops that integrate seamlessly into the existing website. The type and scope of functionalities can be tailored to your individual requirements.

With an online shop we create a further sales channel for einzA Farben GmbH & Co. KG. Seamlessly integrated into the existing internet presence, the tool offers its customers the possibility to order goods comfortably and at any time. Industrial and handicraft businesses benefit from the permanent actuality of the availability of goods and a comfortable ordering process, e.g. by the intelligent search and an import function for order lists. The connection to the enterprise resource planning system of the paint and varnish manufacturer allows internal business processes to be automated and processing times to be reduced.

We have taken the following requirements into account during development:

ERP interface

Customer-friendly operability

Optimized processing time

Conclusion: “Our customers benefit from an additional service that provides faster communication channels and the immediate availability of our range of goods. Thanks to the Web Shop we are even closer to our customers – that is very important to us!” (Don Deepao, project manager at einzA Farben GmbH & Co. KG)