Process optimization by e-bill.

The Hamelin-based company Franz Kaminski Waggonbau relies on the individual ZUGFeRD solution from BSB. Invoices generated as PDF files in the existing ERP system are now enriched with XML structural data and can be used in third-party systems for automatic document processing. The result is a process optimization regarding the generation of electronic invoices.

With automatic invoice generation in ZUGFeRD format, it will be possible in future to create outgoing invoices exactly according to the various specifications of several customers. For this purpose we have developed a function that regularly checks pre-defined folders for new invoices, automatically converts them into a PDF/A-3 file including XML attachment and saves them in a new folder.

We have taken the following requirements into account during development:

Automated reading of the invoice

XML file is generated with PDF

Link between PDF and XML format

On the basis of the interface information provided to us, it was possible for us to meet the complex requirements via the ZUGFeRD Extended expansion stage. “Thanks to the ZUGFeRD solution from BSB, we can automatically provide our customers with invoices that reflect all the requirements described for the structure file,” explains Stefan Hermann, IT manager at Franz Kaminski Waggonbau.