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Train employees regularly.

This is not the first time that the fish factory has decided to implement an IT security awareness campaign. Several years ago, the BSB already accompanied the training in the area of IT security at Deutsche See.

Since then, the concept and approach of the awareness training and the online training platform have undergone continuous development. Deutsche See views IT security awareness as an ongoing process. With a renewed campaign, the company offers its employees effective and sustainable further training with regard to IT security.

A staged attack in the form of a macro mailing heralded the awareness campaign at Deutsche See. This so-called audit measure is important for creating the right awareness, attracting attention and encouraging employees to think about their own behaviour.

Only then does the actual training in the TRUST ACADEMY begin. The online training platform has various learning modules in the form of videos and information. Employees can then expand their knowledge in security training sessions and then prove it in a test. In view of the internal high score, many participants are motivated to voluntarily take several tests.

IT Security Awareness Trainings are in the process of establishing themselves as a standard. Especially in times of the new DSGVO (German Data Protection Ordinance) and security policies regarding cyber security it is important to train regularly. Thorsten Weber from Deutsche See agrees and does not rule out further awareness training with the BSB.

Conclusion: “Thanks to the BSB awareness training, our employees have expanded their knowledge of cyber security. They can apply it in their daily work, recognize anomalies and report them.” (Thorsten Weber, IT)