Agile software development

makes you flexible!

In our digital world, sustainable business models are becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive. Our long-standing IT experts develop tailor-made software solutions for you that optimally support your business processes and bring you a big step closer to your business goals. Together with us, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by intelligent software and be far ahead of your competitors. Technological competence is our key to maximum quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why our excellently trained IT experts continuously develop their expertise and adapt it to the constant changes and new requirements of the market. Workflows and company processes change over time. Our software solutions grow with your requirements and can be adapted and expanded quickly and flexibly at any time – an advantage that gives you a lasting competitive advantage.

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Application development

Classic client-server applications, such as ERP systems, CRM solutions & logistics software

Web development

Concepts and implementation of websites & shop systems according to your requirements

Apps & mobile applications

Business Apps with which you support your business model and increase customer loyalty

Adaptations & Extensions

Optimization (refactoring) of existing solutions and expansion with new tools

Interface development

Tailored interfaces to new or old tools for maximum performance

Embedded engineering

Powerful software that controls, regulates and monitors your embedded systems
Softwareentwicklung Konzeption & Qualitätsmanagement

Concept & Quality Management

This is how we work for you!

At the beginning of every software project is a holistic consulting and requirements analysis. Ideas, goals and benefits of the software solution to be developed are worked out together with you. The goal of this dynamic approach is to develop a common understanding of the future solution through active communication between all project participants. The concrete requirements – including those for software architecture and design – are then formulated in the so-called user story and only further specified and weighted in the product backlog.

We rely on agile project management in software development in order to implement the high technical and process-controlled requirements to your complete satisfaction. Thus your project remains absolutely transparent in every phase. In addition, we can adapt it to new circumstances and challenges at any time. With the process models SCRUM and Kanban we follow an iterative and incremental approach, for better results in less time. Planning systems such as Jira, for example, support us in organizing, managing and controlling.

The wishes and expectations of our customers are our focus. For our company, quality means that we focus all our services on meeting these requirements. At the beginning of the software development we define quality criteria together with you, which we constantly check and evaluate during the entire project.

Agile development

with SCRUM and Kanban

Most of our development projects are too complex to be captured in a classic waterfall model. For this reason we work with the agile methods SCRUM and Kanban. In empirical process control, small tasks are implemented, checked and adapted in a short time. The advantage of this iterative and incremental approach is that we can deliver results to our customers within a few weeks, which are actually ready and can be used. In practice, SCRUM works like this in simplified form: In a so-called product backlog, the questions “What?” and “Why?” are answered, but the overall scope is not specified down to the last detail. This is why we are also talking about a dynamic list of requirements. A product backlog contains as attributes a description, the sequence, the estimate and the value, often also a test description. To carry out the individual work stages (sprints), selected product backlog entries are taken and the product increment is planned. At the end of a sprint (max. 4 weeks) a runnable increment of the software is created. We use Kanban Boards to visualize the workflow of our software projects. The work steps are each represented as a column to which a limited number of tickets can be assigned. By working sequentially we achieve a shorter processing time and more efficiency in our projects – bottlenecks become visible and can be eliminated immediately.

Softwareentwicklung Agile Entwicklung

Innovative technologies

For a maximum of quality!

Technological competence is our key to quality and customer satisfaction. That is why our excellently trained IT experts continuously develop their specialist knowledge and adapt it to the constant changes and new requirements of the market.

Programming languages

C/C++, C# Java SE & EE, Powerbuilder, VB/VBA, COBOL, Pascal, Clipper, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, AJAX, Python, Objective C

Libraries & Frameworks

Qt & Qt embedded, Spring, .NET, Crystal Reports, List & Label, jQuery, DevExpress, extJS, bootstrap, MFC, Android SDK

Database systems

Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, dBase, DB2, Postgress Access, Hadoop, H2

Development environments

Eclipse, Qt Creator, Sybase/SAP Powerbuilder, Microsoft Visual Studio, JBuilder, Android Studio, XCode, Netbeans, IntelliJ, PowerBuilder

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